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Potholes on the road occur when the underlying structure of a road fails. Excessive moisture reaching soil underneath the road can cause a collapse of the road foundation, leading the asphalt on the road’s surface to cave in. Potholes increase the probability of accidents as drivers try to avoid them, either by suddenly slowing down or swerving. Driving over a pothole at speed is also dangerous, particularly for smaller vehicles. Potholes can damage a vehicle’s wheels, steering and suspension.

Repairing potholes as soon as they appear is the best way to prevent these dangerous and damaging incidents.

When the surface of a section of road becomes degraded, repairing the surface asphalt is probably not a cost-effective solution in the long-term. This is because these problems often have a deeper cause, and will soon recur even after fixing. A better solution is to excavate any damaged areas to remove defective road-base and subbase. Once the repair crew reaches a stable subgrade, they can replace the damaged base with layers of suitable aggregate.

Improving drainage to an area of road that is prone to potholes will help prevent future potholes.

Whenever you have a pothole problem or other problems requiring asphalt repair work, Illawarra Asphalt and Services has the experience and team with the knowhow to provide an high-quality and effective solution. 

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